All of our students rely on financial support to attend the Academy. Ongoing philanthropic support is fundamental to the success of the Academy and this has been particularly highlighted during the current outbreak of Covid-19 to be able to continue to support and teach our students.

Our generous supporters are vital to the continued success of The Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation. Special thanks go to Aud Jebsen for her support in creating the Acosta-Jebsen Scholarship programme enabling students from around the world to be taught at the Academy, The Oak Foundation, Ian and Tina Taylor and The Taylor Family Foundation, The International Performing Arts Foundation and The Jorge Perez Foundation for their generous assistance.

Donating to the Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation will:

  • Support The Carlos Acosta Academy Scholarship Program: The Academy in Havana admits approximately 24 young people each year following a vigorous selection process. We are aiming to raise funding by way of scholarships to support the full cost of training and development of students. We welcome your contribution towards the Scholarship Program (as a full or part scholarships) with full credit being provided to the donors for student development
  • Help save and restore the iconic School of Ballet that will house a world-class Dance Centre. You will provide a space for talented young dancers from around the world to train, learn, share experiences and perform.

The different strands of the Foundation’s work will help connect the world community of arts lovers, and foster understanding and rapprochement between peoples in a dynamic and creative way.

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