Carlos Acosta Dance Centre

Fidel Castro commissioned a School of Ballet in 1961 as part of a wider Arts Complex in Havana. But the School was never completed and the site has been unoccupied for over 50 years (see photo below).


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The Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation has the agreement of the Cuban government to restore the building and bring it back to life. This will create a special Dance Centre and a new architectural destination for visitors interested in Cuba’s creative past, present and future (see image of redesign below).


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The Dance Centre will house Carlos Acosta’s dance company, as well as dance workshops and performances from international dance companies.

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The Foundation is restoring the Dance Centre in ten phases. Phase 1, to secure the licenses, legal agreements and to complete the architectural plans, has already been achieved. The Foundation has now begun Phase 2: to complete the flood defences around the nearby River Quibu and to undertake all the groundwork on the site.