Carlos Acosta created the Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation in 2011 to give young dancers the opportunities he benefited from as a boy.

He wants to give them a sense of purpose and help them make positive life choices by developing their talent in dance. The Foundation has an international remit and aspires to develop its initiatives in Cuba, the UK and further afield.

Dance Academy

In September 2017, the Carlos Acosta Dance Academy opened and started welcoming talented young dancers from Cuba and around the world.

It aims to give aspiring young dancers who would not otherwise have the opportunity the chance to develop their talent and pursue their dreams.

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International Dance Centre

Carlos’ vision is to save and restore the iconic “Ballet School” in Havana which will then house the Carlos Acosta Dance Centre. It was built just after the Cuban Revolution as part of an ambitious Art Schools complex which is recognised internationally for its organic, exuberant architecture. The Ballet School consists of domed terracotta buildings set in the curve of a stream and surrounded by tropical, landscaped grounds. Once restored, the Dance Centre’s theatre will host performances by Acosta Danza (Carlos’ dance company) in addition to other local and international dance companies.

It will also be a venue for teaching, workshops, international encounters and other related cultural events, with a special emphasis on developing young people’s creativity and talent.

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Support Us

Donating to the Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation will:

  • Sponsor training young talented Cuban and international dancers at the Academy in Havana. Allow them to realise their potential and change their lives by launching their careers.
  • Help save and restore the iconic School of Ballet that will house a world-class Dance Centre. Provide a space for talented young dancers from around the world to train, learn, share experiences and perform.
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